DCMA 14 points assessment

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DCMA 14 points assessment

Post by katto1 » Sat Nov 27, 2021 1:18 pm

What is the difference between schedule diagnostics and DCMA 14 points schedule assessment? Does schedule diagnostics includes 14 points schedule assessment?

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Re: DCMA 14 points assessment

Post by Intaver Support » Sat Nov 27, 2021 1:22 pm

Schedule diagnostics is a detailed analysis of project schedule and includes DCMA 14 points risk assignment. Using Schedule diagnostic tool you can:

1. Find issues with your project schedule, which would affect results of risk analysis as well as affect integrity and quality of the schedule. RiskyProject allows you to perform 21 tests and identify tasks, which such issues.
2. Perform a DCMA 14 point Schedule Assessment. DCMA 14-point Schedule Assessment is a project management guideline established on 14 metrics that provide the possibility to make a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the schedule. It was developed by the US. Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)for the purposes of the defense industry, but is used in other industries as well.
3. Review schedule metrics, such as number of tasks, links, summary tasks, resources, etc.[/list]

DCMA 14 point Schedule Assessment is performed automatically when you click on Schedule Diagnostics. For two tests, additional settings are required:
1. For For DCMA-6, DCMA-7, DCMA-12, you may need to enable critical path calculation: in Schedule -> Project Options, go to Calculation tab and select Calculate Critical Path.
2. For DCMA-13, right-click on row ID and click on Milestone for DCMA 13-CPLI and then select milestone which is required for this test.
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