Project vs task calendars

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Project vs task calendars

Post by G.K.Jun » Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:24 am

If activities have specific calendars does the impact how the project duration is calculated ?
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Re: Project vs task calendars

Post by Intaver Support » Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:28 am

Tasks calendars are useful if you have specific activities that run during standard non-working times as defined by the Project calendar. However, at the project level, the Project Calendar is used to calculate project duration.

Calendars are defined in the Working Time dialog box. RiskyProject comes with several predefined calendars. The Project Calendar set in the Project Settings is marked beside the calendar. In the example, the 24 hour calendar is selected.


Any calendars created in the Working Time dialog box, can be set as a task calendar. Task calendars are set in the Task Information > Advanced tab.
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