MSP Cost resource

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MSP Cost resource

Post by PetroleumCons » Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:29 pm

We are in the early stages of project planning. We have a cost estimate that we are loading onto the execution schedule. The schedule is in Microsoft Project 2010. We have two \"cost\" type resources CAPEX and OPEX which we assign to each relevant task in the schedule. We have no work or material type resources in the plan (yet). Microsoft Project correctly handles the cost and pro-rates the cost across the task and we show a simple cash flow using Project\'s Visual Reports.

When I show the Microsoft Project in RiskyProject, RiskyProject does not pick up on the costs as a \"cost\" resource. It changes them to \"material\" type of resource.

I\'ve looked in the documentation but so far have not seen where this is where it is explained how cost resources are handled. Am i right in concluding that RiskyProje ct cannot handle cost type resources? (If so, we\'ll need to find a different way to load the costs).

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Re: MSP Cost resource

Post by Intaver Support » Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:36 pm

Your assumption is correct. Normally if it is a "resource" cost that is not affected by changes to duration, we would suggest that you use the One-Time Cost field. Associating costs with resources is usually done to model time-dependent costs. If the costs are not time dependent, then a better approach would be to model them as either a One-Time resource cost or as a fixed cost.

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