Schedule Consolidation to optimize large schedules for analysis

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Schedule Consolidation to optimize large schedules for analysis

Post by CeRIM » Sun Jan 17, 2021 8:56 pm

We have a very large, complex schedule that we need to run multiple times as part of our scenario analysis. We are looking into processes that could accelerate the process as much as possible. How does the Consolidation feature work and will it have any impact on the results of the analysis?

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Re: Schedule Consolidation to optimize large schedules for analysis

Post by Intaver Support » Sun Jan 17, 2021 8:57 pm

Schedule Consolidation is a feature included with the release of version 7.1 and is used to create a “consolidated schedule” that is an equivalent project schedule with equal cost and duration and cost but with less activities and therefore can decrease time required to run an analysis. Consolidation is performed by combining sequential tasks. removing unnecessary summary tasks, and other optimizations as necessary.
If you have already assigned risks and uncertainties to the schedule, they will be removed during this process and will have to be reassigned.

To run schedule consolidation:

1. Open the schedule.
2. On the Tools tab, click Schedule Consolidation. The consolidation algorithm will start. At the completion a dialog box open displaying the results of the consolidation.
3. Click OK.
You can now assign risks and/or uncertainties to the schedule.
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