Changing risk register at the same time

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Changing risk register at the same time

Post by RodHersnam » Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:33 pm

We are using RiskyProject Enterprise for portfolio risk analysis. We have 20 people using software at the same time. My question is what happen if few people update risk register at the same time. Do they overwrite each other's changes? Do you have a mechanism to prevent it?
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Re: Changing risk register at the same time

Post by Intaver Support » Mon Sep 14, 2015 8:15 pm

RiskyProject has a system of locks, which prevents multiple user from editing any data a the same time. It includes not only Risk Register, but also project schedules, mitigation and response plans, and other portfolio settings. For example, if one user opens project schedule and starts editing this, nobody else can open this schedule at the same time. The project schedule will be locked. The schedule will be automatically unlocked after one day. However administrator can unlock project schedule any time. It may be required if somebody open project schedule or risk and forgot to close it. In this case nobody else can edit the schedule of the risk until administrator unlocks it or one day expires.

Only one user can perform Monte Carlo simulations of one schedule, however many users can perform Monte Carlo simulations of different schedules at the same time. The user cannot make any changes to risk register or the project hierarchy, if somebody else updated it and current user does not have most recent version. The user will be presented with the message "Please refresh Risk Register (or project hierarchy)". The changes can be made only to the most recent version of the hierarchy. The same process works for the list of mitigation and response plans.
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