RiskyProject Enterprise on Individual Computer

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RiskyProject Enterprise on Individual Computer

Post by Stu1 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:51 pm

Can I run RiskyProject enterprise on my personal computer without using server?

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Re: RiskyProject Enterprise on Individual Computer

Post by Intaver Support » Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:03 pm

Yes. If you are evaluating RiskyProject Enterprise, you can install it on an individual computer. Follow the instructions to install the local database in the RiskyProject Administrator guide. First install RiskyProject. This will include the necessary components to create the RiskyProject database as well as the RiskyProject desktop client. Next, install the SQL Server database. For a single user, we recommend SQL Server Express, which can be downloaded from Microsoft free of charge. RiskyProject supports all versions of SQL Server express starting from 2005. We also recommend that you include the SQL Server Management Studio as it provides an easy to use utility for working with the database.

Launch RiskyProjectDB.exe to install the database (It can be found in the RiskyProject install directory e.g C:\Program Files\Intaver\RiskyProject 6.1. This opens the DataLink dialog box which allows you to configure a connection to the database:

Enter the Server Name, which is defined when you install SQL Server Express, logon credentials and database name. Test the connection to ensure that everything is properly configured. install RiskyProject, select RiskyProject Enterprise and also configure connection to the database. The last step is to define a user. You will need only one user since you are running software on your personal computer.The first time you logon to RiskyProject Enterprise you need to enter user name "sa". After this you will be prompted to enter new user name and password.
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