Project Risk Management Software for Education

RiskyProject is not only a powerful tool for project risk magement and risk analysis, it is also an excellent resource for teachers and students. It helps students to learn basic concepts of project management and risk analysis. Within the academic community, RiskyProject is used by:

  • Instructors/Professors/Teachers
  • Students
  • Administrators and faculty stuff
  • IT Departments,
  • ...and others

With RiskyProject students will learn:

  • Foundations of project risk management
  • Basic principles of probabilities and statistics
  • How to plan a project schedule with uncertainties and define risk breakdown structure
  • How risks and uncertainties can affect project schedules
  • Managing project uncertainties using Event Chain Methodology

RiskyProject for PMP and PMI-RMP Certification

If you are preparing for PMP and PMI-RMP certification exam, RiskyProject is an excellent resource. You will learn principles and steps of project risk management using real-life examples and templates, which are included with all RiskyProject licenses. RiskyProject was developed in accordance to PMI's Project Management Book of Knowledge (Chapter 11).

Risk Analysis Software

US $699

US $249

RiskyProject Lite:

Project schedule risk analysis software.

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Intaver Institute Inc. is always looking for the partners in universities. Our educational partner package provides:

  • Free licenses of RiskyProject for Instructors/Professors/Teachers (if RiskyProject is used as part of educational programs or courses)
  • Temporary licenses of RiskyProject for students
  • Training and consulting related to RiskyProject and Event Chain Methodology
  • Customer Support
  • Co-op marketing opportunities
  • Web site listing
  • Up-to date technical news and bulletins
  • Full access to Intaver Institute's educational resources

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Risk analysis software

US $999

US $499

RiskyProject Professional:

Project risk management and risk analysis software

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Individual licenses of RiskyProject for education (If RiskyProject is not used as part of educational programs or courses):

Download Only Full Version*
RiskyProject Lite US $249.00 US $369.00
RiskyProject Professional US $499.00 US $619.00
RiskyProject Lite upgrade from 5.x and earlier US $50.00 US $50.00
RiskyProject Professional upgrade from 5.x and earlier US $105.00 US $105.00

*full version includes CD and printed documentation. Full version will be shipped to you by courier. We will supply you with the courier tracking number by e-mail so you will be able to track you parcel. Shipping fees are included.

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