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RiskyProject: Project Risk Management
and Schedule Risk Analysis

Schedule Risk Analysis standalone and as Microsoft Project Add-in
Project Risk Management standalone and as Microsoft Project Add-in
Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Analysis on the Web
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Schedule Risk Analysis Software:

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RiskyProject: Project Risk Management and Project Risk Analysis Software

RiskyProject: Project Risk Management and Project Risk Analysis Software

Intaver Institute provides complete suite of project risk analysis and project risk management software in one seamless package that is easy to use, integrates with all popular scheduling and planning tools, covers the complete risk life cycle, all at market leading price. With RiskyProject, you no longer need two or more applications to perform Monte Carlo project risk analysis and manage your risks. They are now in one easy to use and affordable desktop software.

Integrated Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis

Integrated Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis Software

RiskyProject integrates cost and schedule risk analysis. Monte Carlo schedule risk analysis helps to determine the impact of risks and uncertainties on your schedule and generates risk adjusted project schedules. Risks from risk register can be quickly linked to activities using the Drag'N'Drop risk view. Sensitivity analysis helps to rank risks within a risk register and determine crucial tasks. Interactive tools can help you to assess project contingency and analyse multiple project scenarios. Cost and cash flow charts provide you easy access to how risk can impact cost and revenue streams. The joint confidence level chart allows you to analyse project duration and cost including time and non-time dependent costs.

Risk adjusted project schedule

Results of Schedule Risk Analysis Is Risk Adjusted Project Schedule

Results of project schedule risk analysis

Project Schedule Risk Analysis Software: Results of Monte Carlo Simulation

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Project Risk Management with RiskyProject

RiskyProject: Project Risk Management Software

RiskyProject software facilitates all steps of the project risk management process: risk identification, analysis, mitigation and response planning, and risk communication. RiskyProject performs both qualitative and quantitative project risk analysis and includes schedule and cost risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulations. RiskyProject’s risk register covers the entire risk life cycle for project, program or portfolio risks: threats, opportunities, issues, and lessons learned with their properties. Risks can be assigned to project tasks and resources. The risks can impact not only project schedule and cost, but also performance, safety, security, and other risk categories. You can create and assign risk mitigation and response plans to any risks.

Probability vs. impact matrix

Project Risk Management Software: Risk Matrix with Mitigation

Risk mitigation waterfall chart

Project Risk Management Software: Risk Mitigation Waterfall Chart

Integration with Other Project Management Software

Project Risk Analysis With Other Scheduling Software

RiskyProject includes all scheduling capabilities: you can create and modify project schedules in RiskyProject. RiskyProject also seamlessly integrated with Microsoft® Project.

Project risk analysis with Microsoft Project
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All versions of RiskyProject are also integrated with other project planning and scheduling software including Oracle Primavera, Asta PowerProject and many others.

Reporting Results of Analysis

Reporting Results of Project Risk Analysis and Risk Management

RiskyProject software allows you to report results of Monte Carlo schedule risk analysis in easy-to-use customizable histograms and charts. RiskyProject also includes project risk management reporting: individual or groups of risks with their properties, as well as complete risk register. Results of project risk analysis including risk adjusted project schedule can be exported in different formats to be used in presentations and other project management software.

Results of Monte Carlo Simulations: Statistical Report

Results of Monte Carlo Simulations: Statistical Report

Risk Register

Project Risk Management: Risk Register Reporting

Portfolio Risk Analysis with RiskyProject

Portfolio Risk Analysis with RiskyProject

RiskyProject Enterprise is a project portfolio risk analysis and risk management software. RiskyProject Enterprise includes an organization wide risk register. The risks from risk register can be assigned to different project and within a project to different tasks and resources. RiskyProject Enterprise supports project portfolio hierarchy and allows you to rank projects within a portfolio. RiskyProject Enterprise also provides a common depository of response and mitigation plans.

RiskyProject Enterprise includes user management functionalities: user roles and permissions, risk review and risk approval process. RiskyProject Professional or Lite are used as clients in RiskyProject Enterprise. You may easily switch from RiskyProject Professional or Lite to RiskyProject Enterprise client.

RiskyProject Project Risk Management Suite

RiskyProject Project Risk Management Suite

  • RiskyProject Lite: entry level project risk analysis software and includes integration with Microsoft Project.
  • RiskyProject Professional: complete integrated project risk management and project risk analysis software
  • RiskyProject Enterprise: comprehensive portfolio risk management and risk analysis on organizational level.
  • RiskyProject Cloud: web based project risk analysis and risk management software that can also be a component of RiskyProject Enterprise.
RiskyProject Features RiskyProject Lite RiskyProject Professional RiskyProject Enterprise
Integrated project risk analysis and risk management
Monte Carlo simulations
Integrated cost and schedule risk analysis
Sensitivity analysis and tornado charts
Comprehensive risk register
Risk ranking within a risk register based on Monte Carlo results
Multiple risk categories: schedule, cost, safety, security, quality, legal, performance, etc.
Managing risk mitigation and risk response plans
Easy-to-use user interface
Risk Drag’n’Drop – easy way to assign risks to tasks and resources
Multiple statistical distributions
Seamless Integration with Microsoft Project, Integration with Oracle Primavera, Asta Powerproject and other project management software
Extensive customizable reporting for risk register and results of project risk analysis
Probabilistic calendars and weather modeling
Probabilistic and conditional branching
Joint cost and schedule confidence level analysis
Project Portfolio Hierarchy and project ranking risk within a portfolio
Collaboration between different team members involved in risk management
Affordability and Easy to Use

Project Risk Analysis and Risk Management Software: Affordability and Easy to Use

One of the barriers to introducing new processes and tools is cost. RiskyProject provides the best value on the market. We provide the most complete project risk analysis and management tool at a fraction of the cost:

  • RiskyProject Lite: $699.00
  • RiskyProject Professional: $999.00

We offer academic discounts and discounts for non-profit organizations. We also have a University Relations program that provides free instructor licenses of RiskyProject software if it is used as part of project management or risk management courses in universities.

RiskyProject uses a familiar Microsoft Office like interface to minimize the hurdles when introducing new technologies. Over 80% of our users do not require any additional training.

Project Risk Management and Risk Analysis Consulting And Training

Intaver Institute offers training courses focused on both project risk management and project risk analysis theory and how to use RiskyProject software. The training courses can be customized for specific requirements of any organization and delivered on site. Intaver Institute also provides consulting services aimed on establishing project risk management processes within in organization. This includes project risk identification and assessment using Intaver's software and methodologies.

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