Project Risk Management for Milestones

Milestones by Kidasa Software Inc. is a project management and data presentation. Integrated RiskyProject/Milestones solution allows the project manager to produce presentation reports from RiskyProject schedule, manage large projects and coordinate team projects, format schedule to meet any reporting needs, publish the schedule on Internet. RiskyProject can use a project schedule created in Milestones to perform decision and quantitative risk analysis. Moreover, results of the analysis can be imported back to Milestones.

Milestones is integrated with both RiskyProject Professional and RiskyProject Lite.

  1. Create project schedule in Milestones. This schedule can be exported to MPX file.
  1. Import the schedule created in Milestones to RiskyProject
  2. Assign risks and uncertainties
  3. Perform quantitative risk analysis
  4. Perform decision analysis
  1. Import results of probabilistic analysis from RiskyProject
  2. Format presentation reports and publish them on Internet
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