Project Decision and Risk Analysis with MindManager

MindManager is the visual tool for planning, collaboration and business process management. The integrated solution of MindManager and RiskyProject can be used to define a project plan, assign risks and uncertainties, perform quantitative risk analysis, and present results of probabilistic analysis in MindManager. Moreover; if you have RiskyProject Professional and Vanguard Studio, you can perform a decision analysis: select a project alternative based on the plan created in MindManager.

Project risk and decision analysis is a complex process. Project managers need to properly capture activities, scenarios, risks, resources, costs, and other project parameters, perform risk analysis, and make decisions about the course of a project. The MindManager/RiskyProject/DecisionPro solution makes this process much easier for project managers. It also helps to mitigate psychological biases, related to estimations of risks and uncertainties (see Event Chain Methodology).

For more information about RiskyProject/MindManager  integrated solution please watch our demo.

1. Project activities for different project scenarios can be defined in MindManager.

2. Import data to RiskyProject using MPX file, assign risks and uncertainties.

4. Perform Decision Analysis using Vanguard's DecisionPro. Results of risks analysis from RiskyProject can be imported back to MindManager.

3. Perform quantitative risk analysis.

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