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Risk Templates

Risk templates allow you to quickly add risks to your project and assign chance of occurrence and outcomes. Risk templates are different from the Risk Register: they contain information about risk assignment. Risk templates are useful when you want to:
      Move risk assignments between different projects
      Perform risk assignment as you did in a previous project
      Manage different sets of risk assignments for different types of projects

Creating a risk template

Create set of global risks assignments.
1. From the Tools menu, choose Save Risk Template.
2. Provide a name and description.
3. Click OK. RiskyProject automatically saves the files. If the template already exists, warning will open.

Loading a risk template

1. On the Tools menu, choose Open Risk Template. The Open Risk Template dialog box opens.
2. Click on a list to select it.
3. Click OK. The template risks will replace any global risks that exist in the project.

Selecting a default risk template

When you select a template as the default, the template is loaded whenever you create a new project.
1. From the Tools menu, choose Open Risk Template. The Open Risk Template dialog box opens.
2. Select the check box to the left of a template to set it as the default template.


Using risk templates for local risk assignments

1. Open the Risk tab located in the Task Information dialog box or the Resource Information dialog box.
2. Click Load Risks from Template button. The Load Risks from Template dialog box opens.
3. Select the template from the list and click OK. The risks template will overwrite all existing local risks for the particular task or resource.

Templates are saved into the Templates directory. Templates directory is a subdirectory of RiskyProject directory. Templates directory is generated during installation. You Templates directory does not exist, templates are saved to the RiskyProject directory. The file extension for the template is *.aln. Template names are displayed in the status bar.


Templates may contain risks assigned to both task and resources. If you load a risk template from Task Information dialog box, resource risks will not be loaded. If you load risk template from Resource Information dialog box, task risks will not be loaded.

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