Project Risk Identification with Project KickStart

Project KickStart from Experience In Software, Inc. Project KickStart is the fastest, easiest way to plan and schedule projects. It's unique in the world of project management tools, focusing on both planning a project and building a Gantt chart schedule. Project KickStart's 8-step planning icons focus your attention on the project structure -- goals, resources, obstacles and other strategic issues critical to your project's success. Planning with Project KickStart practically ensures that your plan will be well thought out, with nothing overlooked or forgotten. "Knowledge Libraries" of Phases, Goals and Obstacles serve as both a handy reference and a repository for company-specific information. You can drag and drop typical phase names, goals or obstacles from the libraries to your plan or add project terms to the libraries. Project KickStart becomes richer the more you use it.

RiskyProject can use project plan created in Project KickStart. Project KickStart can be launched directly from RiskyProject. Integrated solution of Project KickStart and RiskyProject allows you to perform quantitative risk analysis based on a well defined project plan.

Project KickStart is integrated with both RiskyProject Professional and RiskyProject Lite.

For more information about RiskyProject/Project KickStart integrated solution please watch our demo.

1. Create project plan in Project KickStart using eight simple steps:

  • project name
  • phases
  • goals
  • similar projects
  • people (resources)
  • obstacles (risks)
  • assignments
  • tasks, which can be presented as a Gantt chart

2. Project schedule, created in Project KickStart can be imported into RiskyProject using an MPX file. Just save Project KickStart data in MPX file and open it RiskyProject.

3. You can also use list of obstacles, defined in Project KickStart. Project KickStart contains "Obstacles Library", which makes defining of obstacles very easy. For each such obstacle in RiskyProject you will need to define chance of occurrence and outcome (risk impact).

4. Now everything is ready to perform quantitative risk analysis in RiskyProject. Just click on Calculate and then go to the Project Dashboard 3x3. You will be able to see the three main project parameters (duration, cost, finish time) with and without risks, three most crucial tasks and critical risks.

5. The Results of your probabilistic analysis can be presented in the Result Gantt view of RiskyProject. Project KickStart can be launched directly from RiskyProject. Just click on Tools>Scheduling Software>Project KickStart.

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