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RiskyProject Interface

RiskyProject supports a multi-document interface. You can open and close multiple project schedules during one session in RiskyProject.


RiskyProject has several toolbars (Standard, Format, Views, Tools, and Tasks). You can turn these toolbars off or on, or you may customize them toolbars by adding or removing buttons.

Enabling/disabling or customizing toolbars
1. On the View menu, click Toolbars.
2. Click on a toolbar name to enable or disable it.
3. Choose Customize to modify a toolbar.

Application Look

You may change color and style of title bar, toolbars, and status bar, as well as change theme for the datasheets. The theme is used for any grid including grids inside dialog boxes.

Changing the application look
• On the Format menu, click Application Look…

Formatting Gantt Bars

You may adjust shape and color of Gantt bar. You may do it for specific tasks or for specific types of task: standard tasks, summary tasks, milestones, etc.
Formatting Gantt Bars for All Tasks
• On the Format menu, click Bar Styles…

Formatting Gantt Bars for Selected Tasks
1. Select task or a group of tasks
2. Right click on Task ID and choose Format Bar…

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