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Project Risk Management and Decision Analysis 

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Introduction to RiskyProject Lite

What is RiskyProject Lite? 
What’s New in RiskyProject 3

Non-schedule risks and user-defined risks outcomes 
Risk register and issue management 
Improved integration with Microsoft® Project and other project management applications 
Event chain diagrams and improved risk assignment interfaces 
Risk Matrix
Improved Interface

Chapter 1: Managing Projects 

Setting up your projects

RiskyProject for Microsoft Project

Setting up your project defaults 

Setting up viewing defaults

Setting up duration defaults

Setting up calendar defaults

Setting up project units 

Setting up cost defaults

Setting up project management tool integration 

Setting up calendars 

About Calendars in RiskyProject

Project Calendars

Creating Projects 

Creating a new project

Importing Project Schedules

Project Settings

Project Start Time 
Project Calendars
Entering main project information 

Project Tasks

Task Links

Predecessors and Lags

Adding a Predecessor to a task



Task Deadlines

Advanced Task Management

Managing Resources and Work

Cost Rate Tables

Managing Costs 

Cost, Income, and Revenue Calculations in RiskyProject

Variable and Fixed Costs

Adding fixed costs to tasks


Chapter 2: Managing Risks and Uncertainties 

Managing Risk Categories and Outcomes

Non-schedule Risk Categories and Outcomes

Adding risk categories

Adding risk outcomes

Risk Weighting

Managing Default Risk Properties

Editing the default risk properties

Adding risk properties

Filtering and sorting risks

Saving and loading the Risk Register

Risks and the Risk Register 

Risks in RiskyProject

Risk Register

Opening and closing risks

Enabling and disabling risks

Risks and Issues

Threats and Opportunities

Managing Risk Assignments

Assigning local and global risks

Risk Assignments on the Gantt Chart

Chapter 3: Analyzing Project Results 


Ranking non-schedule risks

Analyzing Results 

Project Dashboard 
Results Gantt Chart
Resource Allocation

Analyzing Cost

Risk Matrix

Tracking Performance

Calculating and Reassessing tasks using tracking data

Tracking Results

Viewing Tracking Data

Tracking Gantt Chart

Report, Images and Pictures 

Setting up reports 
Images and Pictures 

Exporting Projects 

Launching external applications 

Chapter 4: Working with RiskyProject 

RiskyProject Interface

Application Look 
Formatting Gantt Bars 
RiskyProject Data Sheets 

Additional Information 

Frequently Asked Questions 


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