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Improved integration with Microsoft® Project and other project management applications

RiskyProject has greatly improved its integration with project schedules created in from Microsoft Project, Primavera, and other project management software. In RiskyProject 3, schedules imported from this software will be fully compatible with original schedule. In few very specific cases, there will be small differences between your original schedule and the one in RiskyProject due to the probabilistic nature of RiskyProject.


RiskyProject 3.2 is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Project 2003 and higher. When RiskyProject is installed it checks if Microsoft Project is installed on the computer and adds a RiskyProject toolbar and macro to Microsoft Project. At the same time RiskyProject can run as a standalone application. 

Here is how the integration with Microsoft Project works:

1. The first time you open Microsoft Project after installing RiskyProject for Project, check to see that the RiskyProject toolbar is visible. You can enable or disable the toolbar by clicking on Toolbars in the View menu.

2. Create a schedule in Microsoft Project.

3. Click one of buttons on the RiskyProject toolbar in Microsoft Project to go to selected RiskyProject view. Essentially, RiskyProject offers additional risk related views to Microsoft Project such as risk adjusted Gantt Charts, Risk Matrixes, a risk adjusted cash flow charts and others. 
4. Add risks, uncertainties, and other risk-related information in the RiskyProject views.
5. Run the simulation, perform the analysis and report the results from RiskyProject.
6. At any moment you can go back to Microsoft Project and make changes to your schedule. All changes will be reflected in RiskyProject. However if you make changes to the deterministic project schedule in RiskyProject, these changes may be overwritten by Microsoft Project schedule.



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