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Risks and Issues

RiskyProject manages both risks and issues. Risks are an event that may occur. Issues are an event that has already occurred. When you enter new record to the risk register, it is a risk.
You may switch between risks or issues. When you switch risk to issue, chance of occurrence of the issue would be 100%.

Converting a risk to an issue

1. On the Risks tab of the Workflow bar, click the Risk Register view.
2. Double-click on risk ID. Risk information dialog will come up.
3. On a Properties tab, select Issue.

  If you switch from issue to risk, probabilities for all risk assignments will remain 100%. You would have manually assign probabilities to actual number of all risk assigned after switch it from issue to risk.
  If the risk has mutually exclusive alternatives as part of risk assignment and this risk is switched to the issue, chance of occurrence will not change. In this case, it is recommended manually remove mutually exclusive alternatives, keep only one alternative and set it chance of occurrence to 100%.

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