Are You Going to Meet Project Deadline

Event chain methodology can be used during the project planning stage and during project execution to measure the chance that project deadlines will be met. We can monitor and show the chance that a project will meet a specific deadline using the chart shown below. This chance can change constantly as a result of the impact various risks and event chains. In most cases, this chance decreases over time: however; risk response and mitigation plans can increase the chance of successfully meeting a project deadline. To monitor the chance of the project meeting the deadline, managers need to perform regular quantitative risk analysis that accounts for actual project performance.

Monitoring the chance of project completion on a certain date

In the critical chain method, the constant change in the size of the project buffer is monitored to ensure that project is on track. In event chain methodology, the chance of the project meeting a certain deadline during different phases of the project serves a similar purpose: it is an important indicator of project health. Monitoring the chance of the project meeting a certain deadline does not require a project buffer. It is always possible to identify changes in the chance of meeting a deadline with actual and forecasted events and event chains, and as a result, minimize their negative impact.