Corporate Overview

Intaver Institute Inc. develops project risk management and project risk analysis software. Intaver’s flagship product is RiskyProject: project risk management software. RiskyProject integrates with Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, other project management software or can run standalone. RiskyProject comes in three configurations: RiskyProject Lite, RiskyProject Professional, and RiskyProject Enterprise.

Intaver Institute was founded in 2002 by respected technology executives, mathematicians, economists, and computer scientists. We come from different industries and have different backgrounds. Our staff members were involved in engineering and construction, IT infrastructure and software development, electronic design and manufacturing, mining and other types of projects. We believe that advanced technology based on operational research can significantly contribute to project management. Intaver Institute Inc. develops commercial software, provides training and consulting services, and perform scientific research in the area of project decision and risk analysis.

Since it was officially launched in October 2004, RiskyProject has become one of the leading tools for quantitative project risk analysis. Among our clients are NASA, Boeing, USDA, US Department of Energy, Lockheed Martin, Canadian Department of National Defense, Siemens, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Hewlett Packard, Mosaic, Electronic Arts, Los Alamos National Laboratory, SAS, Westinghouse, Rockwell, and many others. RiskyProject is used in many industries including aerospace and defence, oil and gas, information technology and software development, pharmaceutical, construction, manufacturing, mining, and many others. RiskyProject is also actively used in education and non-profit organizations. In 2006, Intaver Institute established university relationship program where RiskyProject is distributed for the use in accredited educational programs.

Scientific Research and Technological Innovations

Intaver Institute Inc. heavily invests in scientific research in the area of project management. We are dedicated to advancing and adding to our patent pending Event Chain Methodology. This technology is the foundation of our project management software product RiskyProject. Our research interests include project decision making including: psychology of judgement and decision-making in project management, probabilistic methods, visualization, and other related areas. Intaver Institute’s staff publishes articles and scientific papers, gives presentation in conferences and symposiums, including events sponsored by Project Management Institute (PMI®). Our staff published books on project risk analysis and risk management.

Training and Consulting Services

Many our clients have established project management workflow and would like to customise our solution to meet their challenges. Intaver Institute Inc. performs software customisation, training and risk management consulting for many companies. Intaver Institute offers customised training courses for project risk management and decision analysis. We teach our clients simple, but powerful techniques to identify and manage project risks and uncertainties and to mitigate the negative effect of psychological heuristics and biases in project management.