Partner Programs

Thank you for your interest in our Partner Programs. We offer 3 different programs depending on your location and your desired relationship with Intaver Institute Inc.:

  • Value Added Resellers offer a local presence for Intaver Institute in different locations.
  • Consulting Partners work with us to provide customized solutions to our clients.
  • Technology Partners have developed a complementary product offering that integrates with our software.

Value Added Resellers (VARs)

Throughout the world, our customers count on the service and support provided by our network of Value Added Resellers. Our VARs provide a local presence to help our prospects in deciding which Intaver Institute’s solution best fits their needs, and our customers rely on them for ongoing support.

The VAR Partner Program encompasses a group of extremely knowledgeable companies that represent RiskyProject in their respective markets. These partners have dedicated professionals who provide a high level of expertise and understanding of the Intaver Institute products and services, and provide you with the local expertise that you need to maximize your return on investment in Intaver Institute.

To view current list of Intaver Institute’s resellers click here.

Consulting Partners

The Intaver Institute’s Consulting Partner Program introduces an official qualification and certification process for consulting firms that demonstrate expertise in Intaver Institute solutions. Consulting Partners can leverage the program to build service practices around Intaver Institute products. Qualified practitioners have the right foundation to deploy RiskyProject in less time and with faster payback to the customer.

Intaver Institute Consulting Partners provide professional services as an extension to the Intaver Institute Professional Services team.

To view Intaver Institute’s current Consulting Partners click here.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners are companies that offer software, hardware or services that complement the Intaver Institute solution. Complementary Technology Partners work with Intaver Institute to deliver technically verified business intelligence solutions to project managers worldwide. Working together, we ensure that Intaver Institute products run seamlessly on the clients systems.

To view Intaver Institute’s current Technology Partners click here.


Intaver Institute offers our partners a number of benefits, including:

  • Technical Support Assistance
  • Intaver Institute’s Products for Demo Use
  • Web Site Listing
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Coop-Marketing Opportunities
  • Up to Date Technical and News Bulletins
  • Training and Education Access to pre-release software (for testing and feedback)

(not all benefits are available across all three Partner Programs)

Intaver Institute Partner Programs

For more information about partner programs please contact Intaver Institute:

400, 7015, Macleod Trail S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, T2H 2K6,

Intaver Institute Partner Programs

To view current list of RiskyProject resellers click here