Project Risk Analysis for Oracle® Primavera

RiskyProject is designed to easily integrate with Oracle Primavera P6 project management software. RiskyProject can read project data created in Primavera perform quantitative risk analysis on your project. RiskyProject can import schedules from Primavera P6  using XER format. One of the main advantages of RiskyProject it can import and perform project risk analysis for large and complex schedules, created in Primavera P6. RiskyProject is affordable and easy to use alternative Primavera Risk Analysis (Pertmaster).

You can perform risk analysis of project schedules created in Primavera P6 using all configurations of RiskyProject:

Project Risk Analysis with Primavera P6 Workflow

1. Create project schedule in Primavera P6. This schedule can be exported to Primavera P6 XER or Microsoft Project XML files. XML file export needs to be configured in Primavera.

You can use custom fields in Primavera and define low and high durations or cost for the particular tasks. Before import you need to map these fields to associated parameters in RiskyProject.

Project Risk Management for Oracle® Primavera with RiskyProject

2. Import the schedule created in Primavera P6 into RiskyProject. We recommend using XER import to ensure full compatibility with original Primavera P6 project schedule.

3. Assign risk and uncertainties. Note: if you re-import project schedule from Primavera P6 you don’t need to re-enter all risks again. RiskyProject will apply your risk assignment to new project schedul based in task unique IDs.

4. Perform Monte Carlo simulations and view risk adjusted Gantt chart. In RiskyProject view risk matrix based on results of quantitative analysis. You can view Risk and Project dashboards and report results of analysis.

Import Primavera P6 XER Files