RiskyProject project risk management and risk analysis software is used in over 50 countries in all continents by many of the worlds most respected companies and government agencies. For almost 20 years we’ve applied our expertise in risk management risk analysis, decision analysis and project management to build and implement powerful and easy to use software.

Our software is implemented in the following industries:

  • Aerospace and defense: RiskyProject is actively used by government departments and agencies, as well as contractors to support project planning and scheduling, project control, contract management and decision making. We work with almost every large defense contractor in the USA.
  • Pharmaceutical and Life Science: RiskyProject helps to make informed decision about best course of actions in drug development projects and programs, including planning of clinical trials.
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, and Construction: RiskyProject estimates cost and duration of project under uncertainties, which is critical in a bidding process and any stages of project planning and control. RiskyProject is also important tool in enterprise risk management process.
  • New Product Development: RiskyProject is used in software development, information technology, and many other new product development projects. RiskyProject supports agile project management.
  • Mining, Oil, and Gas: RiskyProject used by leading mining and oil and gas companies to perform project risk analysis and risk management in exploration, development, delineation and production
  • Banking and Finance: Major financial organizations implement RiskyProject to plan and schedule complex projects, as well as manage enterprise risks. RiskyProject allows to manage multiple types of risks, including project, financial, compliance, and others.
  • Infrastructure and Utilities: Major infrastructure and utilities companies use RiskyProject to manage enterprise risk and perform integrated project risk analysis.