Software Project Management with RiskyProject

Does this have a familiar sound to it? You have just spent a lot of time and effort creating a well-balanced project schedule of the software project. However, as soon as you started implementing your project plan, something happened that made your schedule became obsolete. This “something” is an unpredictable event:

  • Change of requirements
  • Change to the original software architecture
  • Inappropriate or inadequate software tools
  • Your lead software developer leaves the team
  • Insufficient quality control resources…

Is there still a way to provide realistic estimates for software project schedules that have multiple uncertainties?

  • How long would the software project take if any or all of the potential risks occur?
  • What risks are most critical and should be mitigated first?
  • What is the chance that the project will be completed at a specific date?
  • Once your software development project is underway, how do you forecast the impact of project risks that might occur in the future.

RiskyProject Lite:

Software Project Management with Risks

RiskyProject Professional:

Realistic Software Project Management
  • Create basic project plan and a risk list.
  • Automatically generate new realistic project plan that accounts for risks.
  • Determine most important parameters:
    • project duration/soft/finish time with and without risks
    • three most crucial tasks
    • three most critical risks
  • Track you project plan, risks and mitigation efforts together
  • Create basic project plan and a detailed list of risks
  • Automatically generate new realistic project plans that accounts for risks (Optimistic, Most likely, Pessimistic)
  • Determine chance that a project will be completed on the specific date with within specified budget
  • Identify critical risks and suggest mitigation efforts
  • Forecast future performance by tracking actual risks and activities

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