IT Project Management Software

It Project Management Software

Project planning is an important step in the software development process. Software project managers often use scheduling to perform preliminary time and resource estimates, general guidance, and analysis of project alternatives. One of the major challenges in software project management is that it is difficult to adhere to the schedules due to the uncertainties related to requirements, schedules, personnel, tools, architectures, budgets, etc.

Software project managers recognize the importance of managing uncertainties. The iterative development process, identification and analysis of potential risks and utilization of other best practices can reduce uncertainties and help deliver the project according to the original time estimate, scope, and cost. However, software project managers are not always familiar with probabilistic scheduling and tracking techniques or consider it as overhead. Modeling the project schedule with uncertainties on the planning phase remains important because it allows the manager to estimate feasibility of the delivery date, analyze the project, and plan risk mitigation.

Why is RiskyProject an effective solution for software project risk management?

  1. Most software project managers work with small teams, they need a simple and easy-to-use project management software that has the ability to define and analyze risks and uncertainties.
  2. RiskyProject uses risk lists and project schedules to analyze project uncertainties. Creating and managing Risk Lists is a best practice in software development.
  3. The Event Chain Methodology, implemented in RiskyProject can be easily understood by project managers who are not familiar with advanced statistical theory. Managing uncertainties by the modeling of event chains is based on historical data, which leads to meaningful results.
  4. RiskyProject supports iterative development and tracking, a known best practices in the software development process.
  5. RiskyProject is a low cost solution that delivers high value results. RiskyProject’s low cost means that Software development companies can afford to use a advanced project risk management tool in all of their projects without incurring to high costs.