Non Profit Organizations

RiskyProject: Project Management Software For non profit organizations

The key to the success of non profit organizations is the careful management of projects with multiple constraints, risks, and uncertainties. Easy-to-use RiskyProject will help nonprofits to:

  • Plan activities and take into account risks and uncertainties
  • Schedule events with uncertain dates and resources
  • Design marketing campaign with multiple uncertainties
  • Manage risks in fund raising activities, grant writing, donation appeals, etc
  • …and more

Why non profit organizations should use RiskyProject:

  • Automatically generate more realistic project schedules: nonprofits are faced with multiple risks and uncertainties. RiskyProject helps to create the project schedule with taking risks and uncertainties into an account.
  • Easy-to-use: your learning curve will be very short. RiskyProject’s scheduling engine is very similar to other project management software. It addition to your schedule, you will need to define a risk list in a very simple format
  • Interface with other project management software: if you use Microsoft Project, Project KickStart or most other project management software, you can use your project schedule from these tools in RiskyProject. Moreover, in many cases you can export results of your risk analysis back to software.
  • Identify what is most important: crucial tasks, critical risks, project duration, cost, finish time, success rate with risks and without risks.
  • Track your project with risks and uncertainties: your original risk and project schedule may not be perfect. With RiskyProject, you can use actual data about risks and activity to refine your project forecast.
RiskyProject Lite for non profit organizations
RiskyProject Lite:

Schedule risk analysis software for non profit organizations

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RiskyProject Professional for non profit organizations
RiskyProject Professional:

Project risk management and risk analysis software for non profit organizations

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Individual licenses of RiskyProject for Section 501(c)(3) non profit organizations:

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RiskyProject Lite

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RiskyProject Professional

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