Small Business

Project Management Software For Professional Services And Consulting

You have your own consulting business. You have multiple activities and projects going on at the same time. You need to organize information about your activities, present it in easy to read and understand format, and evaluate how risky a particular activity is. RiskyProject is the solution for you.

Eight reasons why RiskyProject can be effectively used for professional services and consulting

  1. Small business operations can be affected by multiple risks. These risks can affect small business operations very significantly due to limited resources available to mitigate their negative impacts. You need to plan your business while taking into account such risks.
  2. Often as a small business manager, you will not have enough time to learn new advanced software. RiskyProject’s intuitive interface will help you reduce your learning curve. Results of the analysis provided by RiskyProject can be interpreted easily. For example, you can see the project finish time with and without risks taken to an account.
  3. RiskyProject uses a clearly defined workflow. If you apply this workflow to many projects in your portfolio, you will establish a repeatable process and be able to analyze different project risks. There is evidence that companies using established repeatable processes show improved performance.
  4. RiskyProject is a sophisticated tool at affordable prices for the small business.
  5. RiskyProject allows you to capture past project performance. You can then plan future projects based on the performance of the previous projects.
  6. If you already have your project schedule in Microsoft Project, you can import it to RiskyProject, and then assign risk and uncertainties and perform the analysis of your project.
  7. Results of your analysis can be exported to different applications, printed, plotted, and published to the web.
  8. RiskyProject requires minimum administration. It has a very simple installation process, does not rely on many external components, and does require a sophisticated database engine.