Project Risk and Decision Analysis Presentations


  1. Enterprise Risk Management and Analysis with RiskyProject. This presentation is an overview of integrated project and portfolio risk management and risk analysis process with RiskyProject Enterprise.
  2. RiskyProject Software. Overview of RiskyProject project risk management and risk analysis software: features and benefits.
  3. RiskyProject Enterprise. Overview of RiskyProject Enterprise software: features and functionalities.
  4. Event Chain Methodology. Overview of basic principles of Event Chain Methodology.
  5. Risk Analysis for Agile Project Management. How quantitative project risk analysis on schedule and cost can be adapted to the Agile methodology.
  6. Foundations of project risk analysis. From basics of statistics and quantitative models to Monte Carlo simulations and Risk Register.
  7. Project Risk Analysis in Construction Industry. Lessons learned from project risk analysis of construction projects
  8. About Linear Projects. What are the linear project and why risk analysis of linear projects is important
  9. Risk Analysis of Linear Projects. How to perform quantitative project risk analysis of linear schedules.
  10. Risk Adjusted Project Schedules. What are the risk adjusted project schedules and how to generate them using Monte Carlo schedule risk analysis.
  11. Project Cost Analysis. Modelling risks and uncertainties in project cost.
  12. Results of Monte Carlo Cost Analysis. How to analyze and report results of Monte Carlo project cost analysis
  13. RiskyProject Lite vs. Professional. Comparison of RiskyProject Professional and RiskyProject Lite versions.
  14. Project Risk Analysis with Risk Events and Event Chains. This presentation show how to perform project risk analysis with uncertainties defined using risk events and event chains.
  15. Quantitative Project Risk Analysis. Project risk analysis methodology and how RiskyProject software can be used for quantitative project risk analysis.
  16. Why Oil and Gas Companies Should Use RiskyProject Software. Benefits of RiskyProject for managing risks and uncertainties in oil and gas companies.
  17. RiskyProject for Oil and Gas Industry. How to use RiskyProject software for project risk management and risk analysis in oil and gas industry.
  18. Estimations in Project Management. Introduction to estimations in project management; role of deception versus delusion; selective perception in estimating; practical recipes.
  19. Decision Framing in Project Decision-Making. What is decision framing in project risk management; identifying problems and assessing situations; defining project objectives; generating alternatives and identifying risks.
  20. Monte Carlo Schedule Risk Analysis: The Concept, Benefits, and Limitations. How Monte Carlo schedule risk analysis works; how to perform Monte Carlo simulations of project schedules

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