Intaver Institute News 2013-2014

December 19, 2014
Intaver Institute’s 2015 Events

In 2015 Intaver Institute will be participating in a number of trade shows and conferences. Among these events are AACE International – 2015 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, PMI Global Congress North America 2015 – Orlando, FL, INFORMS 2015 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA and IPM 2015 in Bethesda, MD.

December 18, 2014
New webinars from Intaver Institute

Intaver Institute announces two new webinars:

  • Managing risk lifecycle using RiskyProject – risks, issues, lessons learned, mitigations, and responses. February 10, 2015
  • Optimizing your Monte Carlo simulations in RiskyProject. March 10, 2015

These webinars will be held at 10:00 AM MST, which is 12:00 PM EST, 11:00 AM CST, and 9:00 AM PST.

December 9, 2014
Construction CPM Conference 2015

Intaver Institute will present its RiskyProject software suite on Construction CPM Conference. The conference will take place at Marriott Marquis Marina – San Diego – CA – January 12-17, 2015. Construction CPM Conference focuses on project scheduling, risk management and risk analysis. For more information about Intaver Institute’s events please click here.

November 30, 2014
New RiskyProject reseller

ShalevSoft has become new Intaver Institute reseller. ShalevSoft will distribute full Intaver Institute’s software suite: RiskyProject Lite, RiskyProject Professional, and RiskyProject Enterprise. To become a reseller or a consulting partner please contact Intaver Institute.

November 24, 2014
New Article: Expected Value in Project Management

Intaver Institute published new article: Expected Value in Project Management. There are so many analytical techniques and tools, some of which are very complex and require a lot of effort to perform and others which are very industry specific. One of the very simple techniques is expected value analysis. This analysis is a choice engineering method, which means that it is more of a mental exercise rather than a strict and formal project management process. At the same time, going through the expected value thinking process may significantly improve quality of decisions.

October 30, 2014
RiskyProject celebrates 10th anniversary

On October 30th 2004, Intaver Institute released RiskyProject version 1. Shortly after, the first order for a single license was received on the online store and with the delivery of the license code, Intaver Institute had its first paying customer. Originally designed as an academic exercise to transform critical event chain methodology into working software, it was so well received by the small group of users that the decision was made to commercialize it and sell in as a project risk analysis package to software managers and other decision makers.

Moving forward 10 years, RiskyProject Suite now has 3 versions (Professional, Lite, and Enterprise) and thousands of users worldwide in a variety of industries including: aerospace, defence, engineering, pharmaceutical and healthcare, construction, IT, and research and development.

October 28, 2014
PMI 2014 Global Congress North America

Intaver recently attended the recent PMI 2014 Global Congress North America in Phoenix, Arizona. Intaver Institute presented RiskyProject software Suite including recently released web-based project risk management software RiskyProject Cloud as well as RiskyProject Professional and Lite version 6.1.

The annual awards dinner was slated to take place on Saturday October 25th had to be hastily relocated when the downtown Sheraton suffered an electrical fire, which meant that we were able to see a well thought out risk management plan unfold. With the Sheraton ballroom unavailable, the organizers quickly put their contingency plan into effect and moved the entire event to the local conference center that was fortunately close by. The event came off on time and without a hitch, the 700 attendees all impressed and no hint of the hasty set up of seating and transfer of hundreds of meals. The highlight for Intaver was the PMI’s David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award recognizes the author(s) of a single publication that significantly advances project management knowledge, concepts, and practice which was presented to authors Dr. Lev Virine and Michael Trumper, for “Project Think: Why good project managers make poor decisions” published by Gower in 2013.

In addition to the awards ceremony, Dr. Virine’s presentation on risk management was well received and had many attendees drop by the booth to express their gratitude for a interesting talk. We would like to thank all of those PMI conference goers who took the time out to visit our exhibit. There was lots of interest and good questions and ideas exchanged over the 2 and a half days. Congratulations to the lucky winner of the draw for a free license of RiskyProject.

October 10, 2014
Intaver Insitute released RiskyProject 6.1 – new version of schedule risk analysis and risk management software

Intaver Institute announced that RiskyProject 6.1 is now available. RiskyProject 6.1 is a minor release of RiskyProject and all our clients who use RiskyProject 6 or subscribe to our maintenance program can receive it free of charge. The release includes performance and several new features for that are included with both the Professional and Lite versions. These release features extensive improvements to the performance of the Monte Carlo simulations, as well optimization of schedule risk analysis on Microsoft Project schedules. In addition, a new resource type and risk correlation settings have been included with this release. The newest version will now give RiskyProject users one of the fastest project cost and schedule risk analysis software at a price far below those of our competitors.

RiskyProject 6.1 includes

  • support of multiprocessing
  • improved speed loading schedule data
  • optimization of data for schedule risk analysis
  • improved analysis of large master projects

Other new RiskyProject 6.1 features includes

  • cost type resources
  • correlations of project risk assignments
  • optimization of data for schedule risk analysis
  • and other schedule risk analysis and cost risk analysis features
September 15, 2014
Inataver Insitute and Ingeniørfirmaet Carsten Wismer-Pedersen ApS sign partnership agreement

Intaver Institute recently signed a partnership agreement with Ingeniørfirmaet Carsten Wismer-Pedersen ApS (CWP) based out of Denmark. CWP provides Intaver an experienced and knowledgeable partner in the Scandinavian region who can provide technical and management support for users of Intaver’s risk management software. CWP offers over 30 years of experience in professional engineering consulting, planning, risk analysis managing large and small construction projects while specializing in technical installations.

CWP offers:

  • professional and flexible consulting services based on individual needs
  • multidisciplinary, competent and comprehensive consulting solutions
  • engineering advice to future-proof and streamline construction projects

CWP provides engineering consultancy services of high quality and transparency for small and large construction projects and are ready to offer the highest quality knowledge, expertise and experience.

August 30, 2014
Vertabase is new Intaver Institute partner

Vertabase project management software makes project management easy. Vertabase has been around for nearly two decades and has helped tens of thousands of people manage better. Vertabase clients include some of the largest organizations in the world with well recognized brand names. Vertabase is focused on every individual, at every client, improving their experience working on projects. Projects are delivered by people working together. For more information please click here.

August 28, 2014
PTAG is new RiskyProject software reseller

PTAG is a major capital projects consulting firm that services the global Oil & Gas, Power, Mining and Heavy Infrastructure industries. PTAG work with industry professionals throughout the life cycle of a project and have a track record of success in the following key sectors:

  • Oil & Gas Pipelines and Facilities
  • Offshore / Onshore Oil & Gas Gathering, Processing and Treatment Plants
  • Open Pit Oil, SAGD and Insitu Sites
  • Petrochemical Processing and Industrial Plants
  • Power Generation Projects – Nuclear, Thermal, Renewable and Hydroelectric
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Mining Resource Development and Construction
  • Transportation, Infrastructure and Mass Transit

Established in 2008, as an employee-owned firm, PTAG has built a foundation based on a commitment to our client’s success. PTAG have offices in Calgary, Houston and Toronto. For more information please visit click here.

August 18, 2014
Steelray software is a new partner of Intaver Institute

Steelray Software has a simple mission: to help people see project data more clearly. Steelray Software was founded in 2000 with a focus on project schedule visualization and analysis. Steelray Project Viewer was released in 2003 as the world’s first desktop project viewer. Steelray Project Analyzer was launched at the beginning of 2007 to help create more accurate schedules faster. Analyzer runs a number of checks and tests on the schedule and identifies potential problems and areas that should be investigated. It helps produce higher quality (truer) schedules. Steelray Software is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Steelray is a privately held company, profitable, entirely self-funded and self-sustaining. For more information about Steelray Software please click here.

August 15, 2014
Intaver Institute Webinar Recordings

Every second month Intaver Institute presents RiskyProject software and project risk management and risk analysis theory as part of Intaver’s webinar.  We have publish recording of these webinars. Together with Intaver’s presentations, white papers, and videos, our webinar recordings are the great source of information for somebody who is learning RiskyProject software as well as project risk management and risk analysis methodology. The latest recording focuses on defining project uncertainties using Risk Events and Statistical Distributions.

July 16, 2014
New Article: Evaluating Project Decisions

Intaver Institute published new article: Evaluating Project Decisions:

  • Importance of post-project evaluation of decisions
  • Psychological biases in the evaluation of project decisions
  • How to perform evaluations
  • How to establish a corporate knowledge base
June 24, 2014
New RiskyProject Videos

The first videos explains how to use RiskyProject’s Addin for Microsoft Project. The addin allows you to perform schedule and cost Monte Carlo analysis directly from Microsoft Project 2010 and later versions. Watch this video to see how using the addin, you can quickly and easily run Monte Carlo simulations on your project schedules. The video shows a quick step by step process on how to set up your calculation settings, add risk data to your activities, and generate common risk reports (histograms, cumulative probability, sensitivity, and scatter plots).

The second video shows how to create mitigation plans in RiskyProject. RiskyProject has a complete risk analysis and management system, which includes risk planning including mitigation plans, risk mitigation waterfall charts, and a cost of risk workflow that provides a quick cost benefit analysis of the proposed mitigation plans. You will learn how to add mitigation plans, assign them to a risk in the waterfall chart and see how the cost of the mitigated risk is calculated.

New videos are posted here.

June 16, 2014
New Article: How to Communicate Results of Risk Analysis

Intaver Institute published new article: How to Communicate Results of Risk Analysis:

  • Specific issues related to presentation of risk and decision and risk analysis results
  • How to deal with motivational biases when interpreting analytical reports
  • Tips on presenting information about risks and uncertainties
  • How to verbally express of probabilities
  • How to interpret reports about rare events with catastrophic outcomes
May 19, 2014
Intaver Institute at AACEI 2014 Annual Meeting

Intaver Institute Inc. will present its RiskyProject software at AACE International – 2014 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. AACEI 2014 Annual Meeting will take place June 15-18, 2014 in Sheraton New Orleans Hotel. We will be hosting a product demonstration on Monday June 16th at 3:45 p.m. or please come and visit us booth 117. For more information about AACEI Annual Meeting please click here.

May 15, 2014
Projeqz Sdn Bhd is Intaver’s new consulting partner

Projeqz, headquartered in Malaysia, is part of South East Asia’s largest implementation group of project management systems, providing Project Control Systems, Project Management Solutions, Portfolio Management Solutions and Risk Management Solutions for organizations engaged in oil & gas, engineering, construction, transportation, telecommunication, manufacturing, financial services, and information technology Projeqz services include pre-deployment consulting, piloting Projects, full-scale implementation, customized training, project system integration, post implementation support and managed Hosting. For more information please visit

May 6, 2014
New consulting partner: Olde Stone Consulting

Olde Stone Consulting provides expert services in Systems and Portfolio/Program management and has over 30 years’ experience in the US Federal and Defense government acquisition environment. Olde Stone Consulting focused in the areas of: Federal Government Capital Programming and Portfolio/Program Management, Acquisition Strategy, and Program Control with emphasis on linking Cost,Risk, Earned Value, Schedule, and Technical Management.

Olde Stone Consulting has developed CREST, a patented process for quantitative and qualitative analysis and assessment of program Cost, Risk, Earned Value, Schedule, and Technical (CREST) performance data that has incorporates capabilities of RiskyProject. For more information please contact Old Stone Consulting LLC, phone: 703-472-5357.

April 29, 2014
Intaver Institute announces new webinars

Intaver Institute announces new webinars focused on difference aspects of project risk analysis and risk management. Here is a list of incoming webinars:

  • Using RiskyProject with Microsoft Project
  • Risk analyses on very large schedules
  • Risk Events vs. Statistical Distributions
April 23, 2014
New Presentation: RiskyProject Enterprise

Intaver Institute posted new presentation: Overview of RiskyProject Enterprise risk management and risk analysis for project portfolio. The presentation shows main features of RiskyProject Enterprise software version 6.0. To view this and other Intaver Institute’s presentations please click here.

April 13, 2014
New Article: Project Schedules and Decision Trees

Intaver Institute published new article: Project Schedules and Decision Trees. The article shows how to use decision tree analysis in project management as part of quantitative risk and decision analysis. Decision trees can be generated based on project schedules. It helps to make decisions during a course of a project. The article also explain a concept of value of information in project management.

April 2, 2014
Intaver Institutes Presentation

Intaver Institute publishes its presentation on project risk analysis, risk management and RiskyProject software at Here are few our presentations:

  • Overview of RiskyProject project risk management and risk analysis software: features and benefits
  • Project Risk Analysis with Risk Event and Event Chain
  • Quantitative Project Risk Analysis
  • Introduction to Project Decision Analysis
March 27, 2014
Free cocktail reception in Calgary, AB

Intaver Institute invites you to a free cocktail reception: Project Risk Management for the Oil and Gas Industry

When: Monday, April 7 at 5:20 pm; doors are opened at 4:30 pm

Where: Divino Wine and Cheese Bistro, Downtown Calgary

Complementary food and drinks provided

March 20, 2014
New Video: Managing Risk Visibility and Risk Approval in RiskyProject Enterprise

This video covers how the risk approval process is implemented in RiskyProject Enterprise – project and portfolio risk management and risk analysis software. The risk approval process is enabled using risk visibility and user roles. When a user identifies a risk and assigns it to a project, it can be shared with other projects using risk visibility. Risk visibility defines in which sections of the portfolio the risk is available. If a risk is available and can affect a project, the project manager can then assign it to the project with probability and impact as part of the risk assessment process. In this way a risk that is common to multiple projects in the portfolio can be assessed and managed at any level of the portfolio hierarchy. Click here to play the video.

March 14, 2014
Revay and Associates Ltd. is new Intaver’s strategic partner

Revay and Associates Ltd. is a consulting firm that specializes in risk management, contract strategy, conflict management and overall project management. Founded in 1970, Revay’s long history of claims analysis has provided us with a unique understanding of the cause and effect of project success and failure. Using this knowledge, Revay has developed an effective project and enterprise risk management consulting practice, and over the past ten years we have conducted risk assessments (capital cost and schedule risk assessments) on a range of projects totalling over $85 billion in value. Revay’s project risk practice focuses predominantly on early stage planning and decision support at the pre-sanction stage of the projects but also works with Owners to conduct risk audits and ongoing re-assessments during the execution stage. For more information please visit Revay website at

March 6, 2014
New video: “Introduction to RiskyProject Enterprise”

Intaver Institute published new video: “Introduction to RiskyProject Enterprise” – project portfolio risk management and risk analysis software. In this video, we will show how you can use this to analyse and manage your organizations risks at either a portfolio, program, or project level. RiskyProject Enterprise combines portfolio risk management and Monte Carlo risk analysis in one integrated system. In RiskyProject Enterprise Risk register is stored in the database and can be shared in the organization. Each risk can be assigned to different projects or programs and within a project to different tasks and resources. Use RiskyProject Enterprise to manage risks across your organization. Click here to play the video.

February 27, 2014
New Intaver Institute’s partner: R2 Solutions

Based in Calgary, Alberta, R2 Solutions is a team of IT professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality, innovative, effective, and affordable IT services and solutions for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Our team of consultants and engineers are experts in the field of software services, consulting, product development, and business solutions both in Alberta and around the world. At R2 Solutions we pride ourselves on identifying and providing quality solutions for the some of the most difficulty IT challenges, including complex engineering and systems integration. For more information please visit

February 24, 2014
New Intaver Institute’s partner: Friedrich, Klatt and Associates (FK&A)

Friedrich, Klatt and Associates (FK&A) is a Microsoft Silver Partner for Project and Portfolio Management delivering Project Business Intelligence and Complex Program Management solutions. Products include: Project Data Foundation and Dashboard Pack, to rapidly deploy dashboards, reports, and KPIs accessing all Project data from a single cube; Project Master Schedule Consolidator and Companion Tools to create, consolidate, scan, clean-up, and visualize Master Schedules; SharePoint Solutions extending Project Issues and Risks with Content Types and workflow; Timesheet Audit; and systems integration. FK&A was 2007 Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year for Enterprise Project Management. For more information please visit

February 18, 2014
Intaver Institute’s Forum

Intaver Institute’s forum is a place to discuss RiskyProject software, project and portfolio risk management and project risk analysis methodology. Intaver’s team recently updated forum’s layout and navigation to make it easier to use. Intaver Institute’s forum contains tips and tricks how to use RiskyProject Lite, Professional, and Enterprise, as well as information about Event Chain Methodology. Please note that in order to prevent spam you need to contact Intaver Institute in order to perform a registration.

February 12, 2014
Intaver Institute’s announces new webinars

Intaver Institute is continuing its series of free webinars that will cover range of topics to show how you can use RiskyProject to effectively manage your project risks and create realistic cost and schedule forecasts for your projects. Our webinars are conducted every 1-2 months: Here are our incoming webinars

  • Using risk events for quantitative risk analysis: Tue, Mar 11, 2014 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM MDT
  • Managing Risks in Project Portfolios: Thu, Apr 10, 2014 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM MDT
  • Using RiskyProject with Microsoft Project: Thu, May 8, 2014 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM MDT

All incoming webinars are posted on our web site.

February 10, 2014
Intaver Institute’s new consulting partner in San Francisco Bay Area

Intaver Institute is happy to announce that Alexander Rusnak has become our latest consulting partner. He has many years of experience in project and risk management. Alexander Rusnak will provide consulting, training, and implementation services to our clients located in San Francisco Bay Area. You may contact Alexander Rusnak at, phone: (408)6671039.

February 1, 2014
RiskyProject software at Microsoft Project Conference

Intaver Institute Inc. is presenting its RiskyProject project risk management and project risk analysis software on Microsoft Project Conference 2014 from February 2 to February 5. in Anaheim Conventional Center (Anaheim, California). Microsoft Project Conference is the premier event for Microsoft Project enthusiasts to learn about the powerful capabilities included in Microsoft Project, Project Server, and Project Online. The conference is also an opportunity for project managers to network with the Microsoft Project community and learn about emerging trends, best practices, and how others are using Microsoft Project solutions to save money, enhance efficiency, and prepare for future growth. Intaver Institute’s RiskyProject is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Project. Intaver Institute will present RiskyProject Professional, RiskyProject, and recently released RiskyProject Enterprise.

January 27, 2014
New project risk analysis videos

New videos posted on Intaver Institute’s YouTube channel and on Intaver’s web site show basic concepts of project risk analysis and how to use RiskyProject software. Among these videos are:

  • Project risk analysis with RiskyProject: Introduction to RiskyProject software
  • Basic schedule risk analysis techniques
  • Integrated Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis
  • Cost Risk Analysis
  • Assigning risks to your schedule and costs
  • Risk categories and risk properties
January 22, 2014
International Conference on Project Management and Scheduling

14th International Conference on Project Management and Scheduling from 30.3.2014 – 2.4.2014 in Munich: PMS is an international conference series devoted to Project Management and Scheduling. It was inaugurated by the European Working Group on Project Management and Scheduling (EURO – EWG Project management and scheduling), coordinated by Prof. Jan Weglarz from the Poznan University of Technology (Poland). The EWG gathers together more than hundred members, primarily from various European countries. The EWG decided to organize a workshop every two years. The workshops provide an ideal opportunity to discuss recent and important issues in the field of project management (planning, scheduling, control) and machine scheduling (single and parallel machine problems, flow shop, job shop, etc.). The first workshop was held in Lisbon in July 1988. More than a thousand researchers and practitioners participated in the previous workshops.

January 18, 2014
New presentations on project risk analysis and risk management

Please review our PowerPoint presentations on project decision and risk analysis, and project risk management. Intaver Institute is regularly posting presentations on different aspects of risk management theory including Event Chain methodology. We also posted a detailed presentation on basic features and benefits our RiskyProject software.

January 3, 2014
Free Webinar: Communicating the results of your risk analysis

RiskyProject provides extensive set of customizable charts and reports. This webinar focuses on:
what reporting tools are available in RiskyProject:

  • project schedule reporting
  • reporting results of qualitative analysis: risk register and individual risks
  • how to report results of Monte Carlo simulations
  • how to customize your reports

Date: January 9, 2014

Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM MST (UTC-07:00)

January 1, 2014
Project risk analysis videos on YouTube

Please check out our new YouTube channel where we will be regularly posting new videos which will cover topics on project risk management best practices, tips and tricks, and more.

December 31, 2013
End of the year message

2013 was always going to be extremely challenging for us as we had made the decision to add an enterprise version of RiskyProject to our stable of products. This seemed to be the natural evolution of our software as over the past several versions we have incrementally added to our risk managment capabilities. o in November, along we were very pleased to release our latest version RiskyProject 6, which includes the new RiskyProject Enterprise software. Our enterprise software is based upon our Professional software and moves its power risk assessment and management capabilities from single projects to complete portfolios.
In addition to the latest releases, we have continued to offer regular free webinars to help our users understand how they can use RiskyProject to improve their project performance.

Now that we have reached the end of 2013, on behalf off our team at Intaver, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you, our valued customers and partners who have supported us over the past year and look forward to working with you in 2014.

December 1, 2013
Free webinar: New RiskyProject 6: Enterprise Risk Management and more

Join us to take a live 45 minute overview of our latest release and see how RiskyProject’s powerful new enterprise risk management capabilities can help your company.

Date: December 2, 2013

Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM MST (UTC-07:00)

November 25, 2013
New version RiskyProject 6 is released

RiskyProject 6 marks the introduction of RiskyProject Enterprise. RiskyProject Enterprise is a server/desktop system that provides portfolio/program level risk analysis and management.

Portfolio risk management:

  • organization-wide risk register
  • risk ranking for portfolio, programs, and projects
  • project portfolio hierarchy
  • rank your projects based on their risks
  • organization-wide response and mitigation plans
  • manage the risk life cycle
  • risk approval process, reviews, and risk history
  • user management: user roles and permissions

New schedule risk analysis features:

  • “Risk Drag-n-Drop” interface – easy way to assign risks to tasks and resources
  • improved integration with Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, and other project management software
  • joint confidence level chart
  • new hierarchical risk register
  • … and more.

Please read our press release for more information.

November 13, 2013
Intaver Institute at IPM Conference, Bethesda, MD

Intaver Institute presents RiskyProject software at 25th Annual IPM (Integrated Project Management) conference Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, November 18-20, 2013. Th event is hosted by the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA), the College of Performance Management (CPM), and the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). Please visit our booth #116 at the trade show floor. Please click for more information.

November 12, 2013
Partnership with Perceptive Analytics

Intaver Institute is pleased to announce our new consulting partner Perceptive Analytics. Perceptive Analytics is a Data Analytics company and serves medium to large companies in the USA, India, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. It has the reputation of acting as a trusted advisor delivering compelling value. Perceptive Analytics provides solutions to problems in industries across multiple sectors such as Banking, Finance services and Insurance, e-commerce, Logistics, and Technology. Perceptive has offices in New York, Miami and Hyderabad, India. Please visit http://www.Perceptive-analytics.comfor more information.

November 10, 2013
Partnership with School of Business at George Washington University

Intaver Institute’s education and training partner, the School of Business at George Washington University, offers a Master of Science degree in Project Management. The curriculum balances real-world practice and academic theory, while developing the skills to integrate complex projects, motivate people, and achieve cost-effective results. The degree is offered on campus in Washington, DC or as part of Digital Community, which provides an on-campus experience anywhere in the world without sacrificing quality or professional opportunity. Visit to learn more and register for an upcoming online information session.

October 15, 2013
Free decision analysis course: Introduction to Decision Quality

Strategic Decision Group (SDG), a leading decision analysis consulting and training company, offers free course of decision analysis: Introduction to Decision Quality. Decision Quality (DQ) proves itself as an invaluable business tool for some of the largest corporations in the world. Companies like Chevron that adopt DQ for all their major decisions not only outperform their competitors, they see incredible payoffs — an average of 600 to 1. To get more information and to register for the course please visit Stratigic Decision Group web site.

August 27, 2013
Book Launch: ProjectThink

The developers of RiskyProject are very happy to announce the upcoming release of their new book “ProjectThink: Why Good Managers Make Poor Project Choices” published by Gower Publishing.

The majority of problems in projects are due to intentional or unintentional human actions. People make poor estimates, forget something, have poor communication, or make other seemingly small mistakes, which conspire together to lead to larger issues. ProjectThink identifies the paths that lead to trouble. It provides advice and guidance in analysing information and risk, explains how ‘choice-engineering’ can facilitate decision-making and encourage everyone to follow the right procedures and work collaboratively.

August 9, 2013
PM Centers USA became Intaver’s partner

PM Centers USA, LLC (Pittsburgh, PA) became Intaver Institute’s latest consulting partner. PMCenters USA is a recipient of the PMI® Professional Development Provider of the Year award (2006-07), surpassing 1,100 competing training providers. PMCenters USA is a Charter Global Registered Education Provider for the Project Management Institute and an Endorsed Education ProviderTM for the International Institute for Business Analysis. PMCenters provides project teams with organizational assessments, consulting, training and mentoring to help ensure that projects are completed successfully. PMCentersUSA offers private customized training, public virtual instructor-led training and traditional public training through our University alliance.

For more information please see our press release.

September 15, 2013
International Web Sites for RiskyProject

RiskyProject web site in Polish has been launched together with our partners in Poland. Polish version of RiskyProject is now available. For more information about our Polish partner and RiskyProject please visit

July 20, 2013
RiskyProject Webinars

Intaver Institute is continuing its series of free webinars that will cover range of topics to show how you can use RiskyProject to effectively manage your project risks and create realistic cost and schedule forecasts for your projects. Our webinars are conducted every 1-2 months at the same time:
12 p.m. – Eastern Time
11 a.m. – Central Time
10 a.m. – Mountain Time
9 a.m. – Pacific Time

June 11, 2013
65 Partners and Growing

Intaver Institute is happy to announce that MakroNorm (Turkey) has become the latest addition to our growing network of value-added resellers. Currently Intaver Institute has:

• 13 channel resellers and hosting partners
• 40 value-added resellers
• 3 academic resellers
• 9 consulting partners

Our partners are located in 27 countries.

April 22, 2013
New minor release of RiskyProject

Intaver Institute has released RiskyProject RiskyProject is a minor release. It is focused on fixing few minor issues mostly related to integration with international editions of other project management software. If you are currently using other releases of RiskyProject 5.0 you don’t need to upgrade RiskyProject to release

Please contact Intaver Institute for more information about new release.

April 10, 2013
New Value-Added Reseller

Intaver Institute is happy to announce Ingeniería y Servicios Tecnológicos S.A.C.(Peru) our latest addition to our growing network of value added resellers. Ingeniería y Servicios Tecnológicos S.A.C. is our newest reseller in the South American market and offers a full range of project management consulting solutions. Ingeniería y Servicios Tecnológicos S.A.C. will also participate in translation of Intaver’s user manuals and other documentation to Spanish. For more information about Ingeniería y Servicios Tecnológicos S.A.C. please visit

March 25, 2013
Media Coverage of Intaver Institute

Calgary Herald has published an article “Managing risk one project at a time: Trobleshooter for NASA after Calgary Market” in the business section. The article describes how Intaver Institute helps companies in different industries to manage their projects and risks better. Although many Intaver’s clients are in aerospace, defense and pharmaceutical industry, more oil and gas, mining, construction, and technology companies realize importance of effective risk management and risk analysis.

For more information please click here.

February 15, 2013
RiskyProject helps oil and gas companies to manage their project risk

RiskyProject in currently used in oil and gas industry by many companies including industry giants such as BP, Syncrude, Enbridge, TransCanada, Schlumberger, Halliburton, and others. RiskyProject is used to perform quantitative and qualitative risk analysis of multi-million dollar projects, including large scale oil sands projects. Our oil and gas clients appreciate RiskyProject’s simplicity, flexibility and performance. RiskyProject can perform risk analysis based on project schedules defined in Oracle Primavera or in Microsoft Project. RiskyProject helps our oil and gas clients to perform project cost analysis with risks and uncertainties and define risk adjusted project schedule. Since Intaver Institute headquarter is located in Calgary, Canada we are always available to help our Calgary oil and gas clients with their projects.

January 1, 2013
Integration with Windows 8

Our development team has confirmed that RiskyProject is completely compatible with Windows 8.

For more news please click here.