Introducing RiskyProject 7

RiskyProject 7 is a major version release of the entire RiskyProject Software Suite including Professional, Lite, Enterprise and feature the introduction of RiskyProject Risk Register. Version 7 boasts of an improved risk register, new reports and charts, and a many other new features.

RiskyProject Risk Register

RiskyProject Risk Register is a lightweight tool to view and modify the risk register in RiskyProject Enterprise. It includes the following views and reports:

  • Risk Register
  • Risk Matrix
  • Risk Reports
  • Risk Mitigation and Response Plans
  • Project Portfolio

RiskyProject Risk Register is designed for projects that do not require quantitative project risk analysis, but do require the risk assessment and control for qualitative risk management.

New Risk Reports Integrated with the Risk Matrix

  • Risk monitor: displays the number of risks for each cell in the risk matrix
  • Risk history: tracks changes to probability and impacts over time
  • Risk trend: time-scaled bar chart which shows the number of risks of different risk scores calculated over time

Improved Risk Register

  • All risk properties can be edited using Risk Register’s grid
  • A simple tool to enter risk probabilities and impacts for different categories; risk probabilities and impacts can be expressed in terms of percentage, label (e.g. “low”), or number (1,2,3…)
  • Customizable headers for a group of columns
  • Adjustable heights of the rows in the risk register
  • The ability to save customized layouts of risk registers for use on future projects

Import Risk Registers from Microsoft Excel

You can now import existing risk registers from Microsoft Excel to RiskyProject. RiskyProject allows you to map fields in Microsoft Excel to RiskyProject and then to import the data. You can save your mappings so they can be used for future imports.

Improved Integration with Microsoft Project Server

You can import project schedules from Microsoft Project Server, assign risks and uncertainties and perform Monte Carlo risk analysis. Your schedule in RiskyProject will be linked to your schedule in Microsoft Project Server.

Weather Calendar

In addition to the probabilistic calendar, you can now define uncertainties for the number of non-working days per month, which can be used as part of schedule risk analysis. For example, you can define that there will be 5-7 non-working days in January.

Improved Histograms and Charts

Improved histograms and charts include joint Confidence Level charts, frequency and cumulative probability plots, and scatter plots. The frequency and cumulative probability plots allow users to add markers for either predefined or custom percentiles, as well as the original deterministic value.

Actual Risk Scores on Waterfall Charts

The mitigation waterfall chart can now include planned and actual scores for risk mitigation activities. This allows you to monitor the effectiveness of mitigation activities in relation to risk plans.

Project Schedule Diagnostics for Microsoft Project

The RiskyProject add-in for Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server checks the integrity of the project schedule to ensure that your schedule risk analysis is valid. It can be run as part of the import to RiskyProject, but also as an additional quality check for your schedule in Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server.

Importing Resource-leveled Schedules

Easily import your risk-leveled schedules from Microsoft Project into RiskyProject to perform Monte Carlo schedule risk analysis.

Improved Customization of the Risk Matrix

Risk matrix customization has been extended to include custom colors and the ability to save a specific configuration for all projects.

Improved User Interface

RiskyProject usability has undergone multiple improvements, including new project risk score meters, new project dashboard views, revised grid controls, and new calendar controls.

Elapsed Duration

Task duration can now be expressed as elapsed duration; risk schedules with elapsed task duration can be imported from Microsoft Project.

Notification System

You can configure emails to be sent to users to notify them about the status of risks or changes in their properties, as well as incoming risk reviews. The who, when and what messages are fully configurable by administrators.

Support of Organizational Breakdown Structure

A hierarchy users based on departments and groups helps to assign permissions and access levels to all users in the group.