RiskyProject Project Risk Management and Risk Analysis Software Tutorial

In addition to this tutorial please review our videos on project risk management and project risk analysis. These videos also demonstrate RiskyProject software features and benefits and how to use RiskyProject to solve real-life problems. Click here to view our videos.

RiskyProject Professional Tutorial

Qualitative Risk Analysis and Risk Management

Risk Register

In this video, we will demonstrate how to add risks to Risk Register and define their properties.

Risk Categories, Properties, and Risk Matrix

In RiskyProject you can customize risk categories, risk properties and risk matrix settings. This information will then be stored and used for all new projects.

Managing Project Risks

This videos show basic risk management functionalities in RiskyProject Professional: defining different risk hierarchy, sorting and filtering risks, risk reviews, and risk history.

Mitigation and Response Plans

In RiskyProject, you can define multiple mitigation and response plans, save them in the depository and assign them to different risks. Results of mitigation efforts will be presented in the Risk Register.

Project Scheduling

Create a Project Schedule

In this tutorial, we will look at how to create a simple schedule: adding activities, adding start times and durations, defining the precedent network with relationships between activities, and defining summary and subtasks using “Indent” and “Outdent” buttons.

Microsoft Project Integration

RiskyProject seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Project. Once you have RiskyProject installed, the RiskyProject Addin tab will automatically appear the Microsoft Project ribbon. This toolbar facilitates defining risks and uncertainties, Monte Carlo simulations, viewing results of analysis, and reporting in Microsoft Project.

Project Cost and Income

In this video, we will show you how you can add fixed costs and variable (resource) costs based on rates and cost type.


In this tutorial, we will show you how to create resources, assign them to a task and how you can quickly view resource allocation.


In addition to project, task and resource calendars which are traditionally used for project scheduling, RiskyProject uses probabilistic and weather calendars to enhance your project overview.

Quantitative Risk Analysis

Assign Risks to Tasks and Resources

In this video, we will demonstrate how to quickly assign risks to tasks or resources and define their probabilities and impacts using the Drag N’ Drop View.

Task Uncertainties

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to define statistical distributions for task duration, cost, and start and finish times.

Monte Carlo Simulations

RiskyProject includes a high-speed, efficient Monte Carlo calculation engine. In this video, you will learn about parameters for Monte Carlo simulations.

Project Summary

Project Summary View includes the results of risk analysis for a completed project. Project Dashboard 3×3 is a simplified view which highlights the key results of analysis. The project meters help you visualize the project risk score.

Risk Adjusted Project Schedule

Risk Adjusted Project Schedule is calculated based on the results of schedule risk analysis. Risk adjusted project schedule can be presented based on mean duration, start and finish time, or by a specific percentile of statistical distribution of start time, finish time and duration.

Probabilistic Cost and Cash Flow Analysis

In RiskyProject, you can calculate the cost of your project, with risks included, at any phase of the process. The cumulative cost will be displayed in the Cost Analysis View. The project cash flow can be presented in the Cash Flow view.

Sensitivity Analysis, Success Rate, and Risk Chart

RiskyProject includes a number of analytical views: a sensitivity chart or tornado diagram, a crucial task view, a success rates view, and a risk chart. These tools present crucial tasks and critical risks, as well as tasks with different probabilities of successful completion.

Probabilistic and Conditional Branching

RiskyProject supports probabilistic and conditional branching. Probabilistic branching allows you to calculate expected values for the project in cases where you have not yet been able to determine which branch will be executed. Conditional branching is useful when you need to determine expected values of the project under specified conditions.

Reporting and Project Control

Tracking Actual Project Performance

RiskyProject allows you to track actual project performance while taking into account risks and uncertainties. The results are shown in tracking charts where you can view forecasted project and task durations and finish times.

Reporting the Results of a Simulation

In RiskyProject, you can copy or print a portion or a complete set of data to generate a report. You can also generate a customizable statistical report which can be presented, printed or exported to Microsoft PowerPoint. Each chart can be copied to the clipboard or saved as a file.

Risk Reporting

RiskyProject includes sets of customizable risk reports for individual risks as well for the risk register. Risk reports can be printed and exported in different formats.

RiskyProject Enterprise Tutorial

Introduction to RiskyProject Enterprise

RiskyProject Enterprise Overview

RiskyProject Enterprise is advanced project and portfolio risk management and risk analysis software, which is used to manage risks across your organization. In this video, we will show main components of RiskyProject Enterprise client.

RiskyProject Risk Register Module

The RiskyProject Risk Register Module is a lightweight tool to view and modify the risk register in RiskyProject Enterprise. It includes the Risk Register view, Risk Matrix, Risk Reports, Risk Mitigation and Response Plans, Project Portfolio. The RiskyProject Risk Register is designed for projects  or users that do not require quantitative project risk analysis, but do require risk assessment and control for qualitative risk management.

Setting Up RiskyProject Enterprise

Portfolio Options

In RiskyProject Enterprise you can define options for all projects within a portfolio. It includes calculation options, column layout for different views, and other settings.

Configuring the Risk Register

This video shows how to configure the Risk Register, focusing primarily on Risk Categories and Risk Properties.

Configuring the Risk Matrix

RiskyProject includes a flexible Risk Matrix that allows you to customize it to meet your organizations needs. This includes the number of rows and columns, labels and colors for different risk categories, risk scoring, and risk trends.

User Management

This video shows user management in RiskyProject Enterprise: defining organizational breakdown structure, user personal information, we well as user roles and permissions.

Risk Management and Qualitative Risk Analysis

Managing a Project Portfolio

In RiskyProject Enterprise you can define project portfolio hierarchy, export and import projects from different scheduling software, view and edit project schedules, as well as view results of Monte Carlo risk analysis for each project.

Using Risk Register

This video shows how to use Risk Register: enter new risks, define risk properties, risk probabilities and impacts, enter risk review and attached documents to the risk.

Cost of risk calculation

This videos shows how to perform calculation of the risk’s cost for qualitative risk analysis based on risk probability, cost of mitigation and response plans, cost of residual risks, and other factors.

Risk Mitigation and the Waterfall Diagram

In RiskyProject you can define risk mitigation plans, assign them to particular risks, create a risk mitigation (waterfall) diagram with planned and actual mitigation efforts.

Project Schedules in RiskyProject Enterprise

In this tutorial we will show how to create simple project schedule with resource assignments in RiskyProject Enterprise.

Analysis of Results

This video presents different views, which are used for portfolio risk analysis in RiskyProject Enterprise: Sensitivity View, Cost Analysis View, Cash Flow View, and others.

Scheduling and Quantitative Risk Analysis

Defining Uncertainties for Quantitative Risk Analysis

This video shows how to define uncertainties in project schedules and perform Monte Carlo simulations in RiskyProject Enterprise.

Risk Reports

This video demonstrates how to generate risk reports for the risk register and individual risks.