Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Project Risk Management Solutions

You click on the Calculate button to perform a simulation. Results of simulations for the whole project are presented within the Project Summary view. The table shows that without risks taken into account, the project duration will be 199 days. However, with risk and uncertainties it will be between 216 and 251 days (mean is 239 days).

Using the charts at the bottom of the view, you can determine the likelihood of a project finishing before a certain date. For example, by moving the slider you can see that there is an 81% chance that the project finish time will be earlier than May 28.

Go to the sensitivity view and you will see all critical risks. In this example you can see that the risk having the greatest impact on the project schedule is the global risk “Changes based on client’s request”. The success rate of the project is 100% because you do not have risks which would cause cancellation of the project. Go to the critical task view and you will see tasks, which affect the project duration the most, based on results of the sensitivity analysis.

Quantitative Analysis with RiskyProject