Project Risk Analysis Templates

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Project risk analysis templates outline the recommended information that should be captured as part of project risk analysis. In many cases project risk register templates are easy to use and at the same time are very useful tools for project risk management and project risk analysis. Project risk analysis templates include:

Risk Breakdown Structure Templates.

Risk breakdown structures are a hierarchical list of risks. Risk breakdown structures help to identify and manage project risks. In RiskyProject you can define different risk breakdown structures at the project level and for each separate task or resource. Each risk is defined by its chance of occurrence, outcome (increase duration, cost, cancel task, etc.) and time of occurrence. In RiskyProject Risk Register you can customize your risk breakdown structure based risk categories, risks, issues, lesson learned, opened and close risks, visible and hidden risks, risk owners, risk managers, and other risk properties. Risk breakdown structure is also implemented for risk assignments with Global Risks view as well as Local Risks tab for each task or resources of RiskyProject Lite and RiskyProject Professional.

Here is standard risk breakdown structures available in RiskyProject:

  • Generic Risk Breakdown Structure. Click here for risk breakdown structure in Microsoft Excel format
  • Software Development Risk Breakdown Structure. Click here for risk breakdown structure in Microsoft Excel format

Risk Properties Template

It is a list of risk properties which can be captured for each risk in the risk register. These default risk properties are implemented in RiskyProject software, however we can always customize the list of risk properties for the needs of your organization. The risk properties templates also include definition of probabilities impacts and scores for different categories, such as Schedule, Cost, Safety, Performance, etc.

Please click here to download our risk properties template.