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December 23, 2016
New book: Handbook of Research on Leveraging Risk and Uncertainties for Effective Project Management

The Handbook of Research on Leveraging Risk and Uncertainties for Effective Project Management, by  Yuri Raydugin (Editor), published by IGI Global is a comprehensive reference source for emerging perspectives on managing risks associated with the execution and development of projects. Intaver Institute staff members contributed two chapters to this book.
Highlighting innovative coverage written by top industry specialists, such as complexity theory, psychological bias and risk management fallacies, probabilistic risk analysis, and various aspects of project decision making, this book is ideally designed for project and risk managers, project engineers, cost estimators, schedulers, safety and environmental protection specialists, corporate planners, financial and insurance specialists, corporate decision makers, as well as academics and lecturers working in the area of project management and students pursing PMP, PMI-RMP, ISO 31000, etc. certification.

December 6, 2016
RiskyProject Integration with CA PPM (CA Clarity PPM)

CA Project and Portfolio Management (CA Clarity PPM) provides the visibility, control, and automation to support today’s most critical business processes, including IT Governance, New Product Development, Risk and Controls Management and Enterprise Program Management (EPM).  RiskyProject/CA PPM solution enables integrated qualitative and quantitative project and portfolio risk management and risk analysis based on CA PPM data. Intaver Institute Inc. using technology and tools offered by its partner IT-ROI Solutions implements custom integration between RiskyProject/CA PPM.  RiskyProject can read project and portfolio schedules as well as risks with their properties from CA PPM. Using this information RiskyProject generates risk adjusted project schedules, rank projects based on risks and uncertainties within a portfolio, select critical risks and perform risk mitigation planning.

December 3, 2016
New Intaver Institute’s website

Intaver Institute just unveiled new look of company’s web site Its responsive design allows the web site to be viewed on different mobile platforms including smart phones and tables. We also include more information about our RiskyProject software,  our risk analysis and risk management methodology and our consulting and training services.

September 16, 2016
New Intaver Institute’s partner: Almagesto

Almagesto offers whole solutions designed to achieve customer satisfaction in business plan design and improving economic and personal growth of your company. ALMAGESTO is a Professional Group with wide expertise in methodological approaches such as those established by the PMI® and IPMA®, risk specialists PMI-RMP® and professionals in Scrum Master® certified. ALMAGESTO provides a support in the implementation methodologies for managing Portfolios, Programs and Projects (PPPM). Almagesto is located in Bogota, Columbia and will resell RiskyProject in Latin America.

September 2, 2016
2M-PMC is new Intaver Institute’s value added reseller

2M-PMC is an advanced, multi-disciplined Management Consultancy, providing Strategic Planning, Business Development, Project Management and Risk Management, with the experience and expertise to ensure that strategic plans are achievable, business cases robust and projects are delivered to ensure maximum value for the business. 2M-PMC is located in Tyne and Wear, UK.

July 25, 2016
New RiskyProject value added reseller

Intaver Institute is excited to welcome Don Shannon, the Contract Coach, as a new value added reseller of the RiskyProject line of project risk analysis and management software. Mr. Shannon is highly respected management consultant and specializes in the area of contract management. He is a current Fellow of the National Contract Management Association, and is certified as a DML by the Society of Logistics Engineers, and as a PMP the Program Management Institute. In addition to acting as a reseller of RiskyProject, the Contract Coach offers management consulting services in manufacturing and service industries for contract and program management.

June 9, 2016
Intaver Institute announced two new webinars

Intaver Institute announced two new webinars. The first webinar titled ‘Sensitivity analysis: Prioritizing Risks and Activities’ is focused to performing ‘ sensitivity analysis in RiskyProject. This webinar will be held Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at 10 a.m. MST. The second webinar ‘Using RiskyProject as a Risk Register’ will help you to learn how to perform basic qualitative risk analysis and risk management in RiskyProject. This webinar will be held Tuesday, Sept 13, 2016 at 10 a.m. MST.

May 20, 2016
Two new RiskyProject software resellers in Brazil

Two software resellers from Brazil OSB Software and MCB Solution have became Intaver Institute’s partners. They added Intaver’s RiskyProject project risk management and risk analysis software suite including RiskyProject Enterprise, RiskyProject Professional and RiskyProject Lite to their product line.

May 16, 2016
Intaver Institute and Stottler Henke Associates Developed Integrated Project Scheduling and Risk Management Solution

Intaver Institute Inc. and Stottler Henke Associates, Inc today announced that they have developed integration between Stottler Henke’s advanced intelligent scheduling and critical chain software Aurora and Intaver’s risk analysis and management software RiskyProject.

The Aurora-RiskyProject solution allows users to integrate their critical chain schedule analysis with project risk analysis and management. This will help industries solve their complex scheduling and risk management challenges. Many industries such as aerospace, defence, and pharmaceuticals have faced with extremely complex projects that require an advanced scheduling and risk analysis and management capabilities. This solution will allow the users to integrate the results of their risk analysis directly into Aurora’s scheduling engine, as well as perform risk analysis based on schedules created in Aurora.

For more information please read our press release.

May 4, 2016
New Intaver Institute’s consulting partner

Nicki Kons of Atrisks has become new Intaver Institute’s consulting partner. Atrisks offers risk and EVM consultancy services, which incorporate quantitative and qualitative techniques. Nicki Kons is the author of PVaR™: Project Value at Risk. Nicki is an Industrial Engineer, with an MBA and an MA. Nicki is PMI-PMP (Project Management Professional), PMI-RMP (Risk Management Professional) and GARP-ERP (Energy Risk Professional) certified. She is a multi-disciplinarian expert who incorporates engineering, IT, business & finance and political science concepts into a strong coherent message of risk management excellence. Nicki believes the only way to keep on top of risks is by pushing our own limits of risk understanding, time and time again. Atrisks provides advanced risk identification and EVM services to the following sectors: High-Tec, defense, utility, IT, medical device and banking sectors.

April 11, 2016
Two new articles on Risk Engineering and Project Management

Intaver Institute has published two new articles Risk Engineering and How to Process Project Information. Risk management when viewed from a very high level is really about asking three key questions: what could happen, what would be the impact if it did happen, and what can we do about it? Risk engineering is managing risks in such a way that that you can deliver project value with the least amount of risk. Once you understand this key concept, you can then use risk engineering to understand the causes of the risk and the best approach to minimizing its impact on your key project objectives.

The second article “How to Process Project Information” discusses the nature of information, how it is produced and how we interpret it through our own personal motivations and biases. When managing projects we are constantly inundated with complex and often conflicting information. Much of this information is created or delivered in a manner to persuade you to take certain actions. This article goes over some of the methods that are used to manipulate certain well know human cognitive biases and how to recognize them. Further, it outlines strategies that you can use to counteract this flood of information to ensure you have the clear understanding of your project.

March 24, 2016
CorProfit is a new reseller of RiskyProject

CorProfit has become new value added reseller of RiskyProject software. CorProfit provides management consulting, business development, market research, and professional training. CorProfit’s dedicated team helps you develop business plan and strategy, understand customers, define brand, create powerful marketing solutions and improve processes. CorProfit is headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

March 6, 2016
New webinar “Mastering risk analysis with RiskyProject”

Please joint us for webinar “Mastering risk analysis with RiskyProject” on March 8, 2016. The standards for effective planning and management of projects are increasingly adopting Monte Carlo project risk analysis as an essential tool in an environment that is characterized by increased complexity and lowered risk tolerance. This webinar will show you a step by step process how to:

– Import project plans from other scheduling software
– Add uncertainty and risk events
– Understand how to analyse the results
– Generate key project risk analysis reports

February 29, 2016
Intaver Institute will present paper on International Conference on Project Management and Scheduling

Intaver Institute will present paper “Project Schedule Risk Analysis with Events and Event Chains” on PMS 2016 – the 15th International Conference on Project Management and Scheduling. PMS 2016 will take place in Valencia, Spain, from April 19th until April 22nd. It is organized by the Universitat Politècnica de València and by the Universitat de València. PMS is an international conference series devoted to Project Management and Scheduling. It was inaugurated by the European Working Group on Project Management and Scheduling (EURO – EWG Project management and scheduling).

February 17, 2016
Built On Vision is new Intaver Institute’s technology parther

Built On Vision has become Intaver’s new technology partner. “Built On Vision” is a cloud based software suite that provides leading edge project controls tools. “Built On Schedule” allows you to compare multiple schedules instantly so that you can identify trends and analyze issues. “Built on ProductivityTM” works with your ERP or costing system to mine cost and labor data for valuable analysis within your project allowing you to make targeted adjustments. “Built on Forecast” allows you to accurately forecast your project from anywhere while tracking communications about changes in real time and instantly comparing it to prior forecasts. “Built On Balance” gives you the power to leverage Line of Balance and render your schedule into a simple graph that eliminates the need to bring multiple reports into a CPM meeting.

February 9, 2016
Critical Business Analysis, Inc. is Intaver’s new consulting partner

Critical Business Analysis, Inc. has become Intaver’s new consulting partner. For over 30 years, Critical Business Analysis, Inc. has been committed to the advancement of project and program management expertise. CBA’s real-world experience offers a wide-range of professional services in a variety of industries including public agencies, utilities, petrochemicals, corporate engineering, construction management and design. CBA, Inc. has distinguished itself as a leader in Primavera P6 and related software implementation and knowledge transfer. Additionally, CBA provides project team extension through staff augmentation of highly qualified project management professionals. CBA take pride in every service we provide, knowing that even small enhancements can achieve great results.

January 6, 2015
Intaver Institute scheduled two new webinars

Intaver Institute Inc. scheduled two free webinars.

Webinar “Mastering risk analysis with RiskyProject” will be held Tuesday, March 8 2016. The standards for effective planning and management of projects are increasingly adopting Monte Carlo project risk analysis as an essential tool in an environment that is characterized by increased complexity and lowered risk tolerance. This webinar will show you a step by step process how to import project plans from other scheduling software, add uncertainty and risk events, understand how to analyse the results.

Webinar “Integrated project risk analysis” will be held Tuesday, May 3, 2016. Risk in projects can come from two main sources Risk events and uncertainties. Risk events are discrete risks that are commonly captured in risk registers and are characterized by probability and impact. Uncertainties are inherent natural randomness that is found in all processes. Both should be included as part of your project risk analysis model. This webinar will show you how to assign risk events and uncertainties to your activities, how to model risk factors, how to interpret results of analysis with discrete events and uncertainties.

Also we would like to remind you that our next webinar “Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis with RiskyProject” will be held Tuesday, Jan 12, 2016. Please click here to register for this webinar.

January 1, 2016
Proventures is a new reseller of RiskyProject

Proventures Education and Consulting Services has become new value added reseller of RiskyProject software. Here is how Proventures differentiates itself: “We at Proventures has the mandate to work on the threefold objective to empower people, enable them with processes and enhance their effectiveness through various PM tools. We strive to serve our customers with these Key Result Areas (KRAs) with people as the driving parameter to achieve individual excellence and corporate excellence. Demand management offers a unified view of all work in a central location. Its purpose is to quickly help organizations gain visibility into projects and operational activities; standardize and streamline data collection; enhance decision making; and subject initiatives to the appropriate governance controls throughout their life cycles.”

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